The Ship of Doom by M.A. Bennett

Written by M.A.Bennett, Publishing 3rd March 2022

The Butterfly Club may look as though they are enamoured by butterflies with their displays and mini tattoos but be warned..this is no ordinary club. Luna has recently lost her dad and now lives with Aunt Grace, who shockingly for the time, has a small butterfly tattoo on her wrist. When Luna accompanies her aunt to her latest meeting of the club, she is shocked to discover several other truths, all of which impact her greatly.

“Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings set a tornado in Texas?” The butterfly effect looks at cause and effect in the greater scheme of life and as you read, you can see just how this would cause chaos or bring about historical changes. What if one tiny detail were altered…how would that affect history and people?

This book literally blew my mind…I was in the midst of a well known historical tragedy while three children tried several times to change the course of history. Time travel is real and Luna, Konstantin and Aidan all travel to 1912 on a ill-fated trans-Atlantic voyage.

Cleverly written with time travel woven into the frame of the story and with characters who leap off the page and feel so real, this is a mesmerising story. Adding to this the sense of urgency, and wanting to save new friends, the children will make impactful decisions, ones they may later regret.

With a villain, wearing a clock in one eye, intent on causing the disaster, and another time traveller trying to stop him, this really is a race against time.

I loved the historical elements and familiarity of the fated ship along with key historical figures playing their role. The end is just the beginning and I for one look forward to joining the butterfly club and travelling with them to different times and places.

This is a series to devour!

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