Harley Hitch and the Missing Moon

It is great to be back with Harley, her Grandpas, Sprocket and Cosmo. The school holidays are ending and Harley is looking forward to a new term at Cogworks, a term where she intends to fight all her natural instincts and be perfect in order to win the highly coveted, Pupil of the Term.

No hair dye, no alterations to her uniform and t-bar shoes…Harley is even planning to do her homework and stay out of trouble!

When Monocles’ Marvellous Machines comes into town, Harley is persuaded to attend for opening night. The entire audience is mesmerised and blown away by the sights and illusions on offer. Harley is so amazed, she just needs to take a closer look at one of the elements…but sparks fly and things go horribly wrong. Somehow perfect Harley has messed up and made a massive mistake…can she fix it before it is too late?

This book, as with the first adventure in the Iron Forest, is full of an inspirational Harley, learning to be herself and accept her strengths as well as her weaknesses. With friends like Cosmo and the support and love of her family behind her, Harley proves that being herself is the best version she can be!

Vashti Hardy can write no wrong in my opinion and this series goes from strength to strength. I love the two grandpas, Harley’s curiosity and the girl power felt throughout this story!

The illustrations by the uber-talented, George Ermos, are formidable in brining Harley’s latest adventure to life.

The only question I have now is when will there be more adventures with Harley?

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