A Thunder of Monsters by S.A. Patrick

The third and final book in this trilogy is the perfect end to the adventures of Patch, Wren and Barver. Undoubtedly, they have changed drastically from the beginning of the series and in this lies their strengths.

Forming friendships, building trust and remaining hopeful has seen them through plenty of scrapes and near death experiences. The Piper of Hamelyn, where the danger truly sits, is back with huge plans of destruction and an army to back him up. He has taken the liberty of creating an obsidiac armour, rendering him pretty immortal but our trio of heroes devise bigger and better plans!

This is a journey fraught with danger from invisible and terrifying birds, to monsters unknown and an island that can be steered and navigated. Ghosts of sorcerers past rear their magical heads once more and all our heroes will come very close to peril.

Their courage in the face of such conditions is wonderful as is their belief in each other and unwavering trust and love.

This is a series that has captured my imagination and heart and I am sad to see it end but I could not have chosen a better ending. Well written and imagined, the story of the Pied Piper has taken off and grown into this fantastical trilogy! If you have not yet picked up book 1, then please do as soon as possible!

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