Jummy at the River School Blog Tour

I am so thrilled to kick off the blog tour for this AMAZING book! Be sure to check out the other stops on this tour and DO find a copy of this book. It is an utter joy to immerse yourself in!

This book is just a joy to read! Set in Nigeria, the setting descriptions are so visual and vibrant that you are instantly transported to River School.

This is a boarding school with a brilliant cast of characters…sporty, hard working and keen to be part of their river teams. They all have such fierce determination to do the best by their teams and friends.

Jummy joins Nile House and is immediately welcomed in, becoming part of a group that enjoys midnight feasts and fighting for what’s right. When Jummy’s best friend from her village arrives as a maid, it becomes clear to Jummy that this is unfair and demands her attention and a change. There is plenty of support for Jummy’s ideas but there is certainly some obstacles in the way of equality at River School.

As the girls get ready for the Harmattan games, a huge event that involves the entire school, certain events come to light involving Bolaji, another girl with very important thoughts about herself. She will challenge Jummy and her Nile team throughout this first year at River School.

Completely immersive, this book is gorgeous in setting, characters and events. I love the friendships formed, and the comraderie between the houses and the girls. I love Jummy’s sense of justice and the hope she holds for her friends.


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