The Worst Class in the World Dares You! Blog Tour

I am so excited to be kicking off the blog tour for this hilarious series from Joanna Nadin and RIkin Parekh. We are now sharing reviews for the third book in the series and it is set to be as popular as the first two! There is a 4th to come on World Book Day!

I have been hearing so much about this series and am thrilled that I am now finally catching up on what I was missing. The fun, laughter and jokes are superb and well worth the wait.

In this book, we have two new adventures to join in with, Nits and Dares. Not much can go wrong as Stanley and Manjit have FOOLPROOF PLANS! Perfectly pitched for readers gaining confidence in chapter books and with super illustrations highlighting the diversity and adventures of this class, these are ideal for readers aged 7+.

Mrs Bottomley-Blunt is not a fan of Class 4B, as she delights in telling them all the time! Stanley and Manjit never set out to cause the mayhem that seems to follow them but their foolproof plans do not always go to schedule!

When an outbreak of Nits in the school threatens to cancel Maths Test Tuesday, the class plot to ensure this does happen. Little do they know what chaos they will unleash with their plans. Jars full of mini-beasts are very safe in Class 4B- aren’t they?

The second adventure is entitled Dares and even if you are new to this series, you can likely already imagine just what could go wrong! When new girl, Bridget Pickersgill, announces that she loves DARES, the entire class get involved but one thing always leads to another with this class!

Utterly delightful and hilarious to read aloud or independently, make sure you get this series for your school or home library! Check out my twitter feed for your chance to win the entire series!!

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