The Worst Day Ever Blog Tour

Stubbing your toe is up there amongst the worst ways to start your day but reading this book is one of the best ways to spend your day! Funny, inter-galactic and adventurous! I loved Mylan’s adventures as an Empathian, and his search for the worst day ever. We all have them and I wonder what your worst day might entail…and on that note, I am so pleased to share a blog post from author James Bishop as part of the blog tour!

The worst day ever! By James Bishop

When writing a book entitled “The worst day ever” you cant help but think to yourself ‘what is the WORST possible thing that could EVER happen to you?’

For me, the worst possible day will always escalate. If something really bad happens straight away (you step outside your house and PLOP, an Elephant poo’s on your head, it doesn’t really give you anywhere to go. PLUS, you’re pretty much going to write the entire day off as a bad day right there and then (especially if you live in Oxford like me, where you don’t expect to see wild elephants…).

So one of the biggest things for the worst day ever is that the bad things have to start off small, THEN escalate. It is after all, the hope of a good day that really and truly kills it!

With that, I have tried to think of the WORST possible day for me, and I’ve tried to keep it relatively realistic as opposed to running into planet recycling aliens! Here it is:

  • I wake up SUPER early. It’s still dark and I spend the next two hours trying to go back to sleep with no success.
  • Then, I finally do fall asleep, and 30 seconds later my alarm goes off. I fall out of my bed and land face first in last night’s pizza. Anchovy Pizza.
  • I get out of bed and stub my toe on the corner, and then again on the door as I make my way downstairs (it really is the WORST feeling.)
  • I have plenty of my favourite cereal! I don’t notice the milk I’m pouring on it has gone clumpy and take a big old mouthful.
  • That’s when I find out I ran out of toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • My car breaks down on the way to work.
  • I have to wait for the bus in the rain and my headphones get soaked and break meaning NO MUSIC!!!
  • I decide to call in sick to work (yay!) but then I get super sick (booooo!)
  • On my way home, I fall over in a pot hole and twist my ankles, so end up crawling back to my house through puddles of rain.
  • I crawl into the house and get mud all over my carpets.
  • My phone is also now damaged by water and I can’t call anyone or move, so lie in a wet heap in the middle of my living room floor ALL day. I wake up at 10pm, just in time to see the end of Man Utd losing in the Champions League Final to Manchester City 10-0.

That would be the worst day ever for me!

BUT in my book, Mylan believes that any day that ends with ice cream couldn’t possibly be the Worst Day Ever- So what simple thing do I think could turn the above worst day ever into just a bad day?

For me, it would be a nice cup of tea and a couple of chocolate digestive biscuits sitting in front of the TV. I’d put on something that would make me laugh and say to myself “could be worse, an elephant could have pooped on my head!”

Worst Day Ever by James Bishop, Illustrated by Fay Austin, Published by Hachette Children’s

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