Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town Blog Tour

Mr Bunny is back, feeling rather unworthy in his precision run chocolate factory. The chickens and quality control unicorn keep the chocolate flowing and the factory working perfectly, leaving Mr Bunny bored and uncertain over what he should do. Previous strike action within book one has him pleased the chickens are on side.

When Coop Town needs help and decides to elect a mayor, Mr Bunny is there with false promises and plenty of chocolate bribes. His worthy opponent, Debbie, is furious with his poor treatment and snide comments. She doesn’t like his lies and thinks he won’t really help! But what is a chicken to do? We all remember Debbie from the protests in Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory!

As you read this book, you get the main story but there are also plenty of speech bubbles to read and laugh along with. I found myself laughing along with some of the speech bubbles and following those to gain more insight into the true story and the thoughts of the chickens!

Elys Dolan has a brilliant illustrative style and you can’t help but study each page as there are so many details and bright colours. Her previous books are well loved in my home and school library, we often have waiting lists for The Doughnut of Doom, in particular.

Adults and children will thoroughly enjoy meeting Mr Bunny and Debbie! I can’t help but wonder whether their paths will cross again…

Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town publishes tomorrow!!!

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