The Last Firefox by Lee Newbery

Charlie is quiet, unassuming and not overly brave. He is bothered by bullies at school and has worries about being a good big brother, as his Dads are keen to adopt. With his courage failing and more interactions with bullies, Charlie wants to find his voice before secondary school.

A long standing game with his best friends, Roo and Lippy, leads Charlie to a castle in his town. Climbing the northwest tower, he hides a stone and is drafting their clue to hunt for it, when a strange event occurs. Something unbelievable that will have a huge impact on Charlie’s life.

A small fox and a boy appear, the fox erupting into flames as a howl fills the air. The boy entrusts the Firefox to Charlie, promising to return in 2 days once it is safe. Taking the fox home, Charlie must try to avoid his Dads and friends until Teg, the boy, returns.

When Teg does not return as promised, Charlie will need to ask for help and find his courage. Courage comes from wanting to protect that which you love more than yourself.

This book is a wonderful debut, full of family love, trust and finding your flame. Charlie, Roo and Lippy are a devoted trio of friends and their love for Cadno, the Firefox, will help them to face unimaginable danger, all for the love of the fox and their families.

Charming and adventurous, I loved delving into Charlie‘s world and I was cheering him on all the way through! 

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