Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves Blog Tour

My daughter and I adore the Hotel Flamingo series of books and so when we saw that Alex Milway had a new series publishing, we were very excited!

Big Sky Mountain features Rosa Wild, a young girl sent to live with her Grandma Nan in the wilderness on a lake. In book one, we meet both characters and a host of other colourful characters who keep the Wild family on their toes! We don’t know much about why Rosa was sent to live with her Nan but she has a lot of adapting to do to fit in to this new home and way of life.

Nan lives wildly and uses nature as her guide. She has plenty of animal friends around her and never gets lonely. She knows all about nature, wildlife and caring for her environment. In this series, Rosa is learning from her Nan. The learning curve is steep but brilliant.

Grandma Nan is a force to be reckoned with, tough but soft, smart and caring, she guides Rosa and their animal friends back on track when something threatens their environment. From beavers to angry hares and wolves and bison. There is plenty to learn from Big Sky Mountain and I would love to spend time there learning with Grandma Nan!

I think both series from Alex Millway are fun, enchanting and perfect for younger readers. They are full of wonderful illustrations, super animal characters and positive messages of family and friends.

Alex Milway has shared a link to music he created for Big Sky Mountain. It has helped me to write my review and to feel a closer link to these stories! Check out the tunes via the link below!

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