Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick

Written by Jennifer Killick, Published by FarShore

“Detention has never been so deadly”…

Detention on a Saturday always reminds me of The Breakfast club, a cult classic from the 80’s. When the four students rock up for their Saturday detention, I have the image of the breakfast club poster in my mind. There is a similar mix of characters here too, and all carry some very heavy baggage with them, secrets that come to light as they fight to survive.

Something strange and unbelievable is happening at Dread Wood High School on this particular Saturday and it all starts with a scream. Each chapter is a miniature cliff hanger that would be delicious to read aloud to a class of students. Each chapter brings the reader one step closer to figuring out this mystery and the thrilling detention adventure.

Throughout this exciting book, you come to know and respect Hallie, Gus, Naina and Angelo- all with issues to sort out but an unwavering unsaid desire to find their pack! But first there is work to be done and their survival is at stake!

As their secrets unravel, they find threads that connect! The unwavering knowledge that they stick together is what I loved about this book, that and their personalities that we come to love!

Killick has this wonderful ability to blend humour, playing with language and terrifying events together into a book that you just cannot stop reading! The queen of middle grade horror, this new book firmly sets the pedestal high…do you dare attend detention?

Detention is coming on 31.03.22!

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