Epic Adventures by Sam Sedgman and Sam Brewster

“Train journeys are as varied as the world”. This quote sums up the book perfectly, as you travel around the world, no two trains, journeys or history are the same!

Completely engrossing, I spent ages travelling the world by train. Sam Sedgman’s passion for trains shines through this book which is beautifully brought to light by Sam Brewster’s wonderful illustrations.

There are 12 epic journeys shared in this book spanning the globe from South America, North America, through Europe and into Asia and India. Some of these journeys are immediately familiar, for me The Canadian, The Simplon Orient Express and the Eurostar. I was endlessly fascinated by the extra facts and pages to emphasise the importance of these connecting cities, people and industry. As an animal lover, I was pleased to see native animals represented along the journeys as well.

Sam Brewster’s illustrations are impeccable. The use of colours for each journey and the research into the geography, flora and fauna is evident. Each journey is entirely unique and while I can’t imagine getting the opportunity to travel on some of these, I feel as though I have a greater understanding of just what the journey would entail.

This would be perfect in all schools, classrooms and homes. With plenty to see, read and imagine, it is an incredible trip around the world.

I’m delighted to announce that this review has been shared by Twinkl! For even more great recommendations, make sure to visit their TBR blog

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