Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup by Andy Sagar

Written by Andy Sagar, Illustrations by Beatrice Blue, Publishing March 2022 by Orion (Hachette)

What an epic journey this story takes the reader on. From a travelling circus to a flying tea shop, there will be dragon librarians, runaway troll trains and a visit to the Underworld.

Yesterday Crumb has fox ears and a lot of pent up anger. Having lived her entire 12 years being a circus attraction and being treated poorly, she is left untrusting and unkind. When Madrigal, the white raven helps her escape, she is uncertain the reason why or the future she is running towards.

When she finally arrives at Dwimmerly End, she has struck a horrible deal with Mr Weep, demon of the dead and now only has a month before her heart turns to ice. This is not the life of freedom she was hoping for.

The month is fraught with tests, making friends and finding outlets for her anger. Yesterday will learn much about herself in this month and not all she learns is welcome. She will need to make some bold and brave decisions. Her new family are there for her along the way and Yesterday will need to learn to accept her place at Dwimmerly End!

I loved the metaphors used involving tea, teapots and brewing. It all fits perfectly together. As a librarian, I was thrilled to meet a hoarder of books, one whose ferocity was unmatched, Pepperprew! A formidable librarian, I certainly wouldn’t want to meet her with an overdue book.

“I vowed to guard my future books with a ferocity unprecedented even amongst librarians, who are known for being a ferocious bunch”. Pepperprew speaks to Yesterday!

The characters float off the page and form a family that will see Yesterday through the adventure of a lifetime!

Plenty of teapot metaphors and catchy sayings will have readers smiling as they read!

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