Amazing Animals Blog Tour

This book forms part of the Amazing World series, with other titles Amazing Islands, Amazing Treasures and Amazing Rivers. Each one offers the reader plenty of facts and fascinating illustrations!

This comprehensive book is filled to the brim with facts about amazing animals from around the world. Whether on land, in the sea or soaring on air, there are over 100 animals with amazing abilities, skills and adaptations!

Brilliant illustrations by Paul Daviz are accompanied by short bursts of text offering insight into the weird and wonderful life of the animals.

I loved the simplicity of each double page spread that offers readers enough insight into their favourite animals without overwhelming. Perfectly coloured and diverse in the type of animal and habitat, I was fascinated and I know plenty of young readers who will adore this book!

Clever page titles divide the animals into new categories, like One of a Kind,which features single species such as the aardvark and aye-aye. Another brilliant category was Super Mums and Amazing Dads with the African Cichlid, a fish who holds the eggs in their mouth.

Every turn of the page brought me face to face with familiar animals and quite a few new to me creatures! It was these I was most curious about! I love learning new things and this book is a perfect gift for any animal loving reader!

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