Wished by Lissa Evans

Written by Lissa Evans, Illustrations by Sarah McIntyre and Bec Barnes, Published by David Fickling Books

A tale of absolute joy and happiness, this book made me smile throughout and hum bits of Smelly Cat when ancient cat, Attlee entered a room!

Wishes are made on candles…

When Rosanna turns 10, her birthday goes wrong and her special pack of candles sits unlit for 50 years until they are discovered by the neighbours children who simply make a wish.

Ed and Roo are not impressed with having to be entertained by elderly Miss Filey (Rosanna) during their half term break. She even thinks “why-fy” are biscuits…but this ordinary week is about to turn extraordinary!

Making a simple wish out loud as a candle is lit astounds the group of children and they show a maturity and integrity to share this unbelievable knowledge with Miss Filey. Miss Filey is shocked but excited at the potential.

Growing up, she had a favourite book, one whose pages she would disappear in entirely, making up versions of the story to suit her imagination and playing the lead character in each one.

When she finally gets the chance to live her wishes, Rosanna realises she has been missing out on life. Ed, Roo and new friend and neighbour, Willard, form a joyous bond with Miss Filey. Friendships are cemented and celebrated. The initial first impressions and judgements are gone and in their place is acceptance and value.

Each wish plays as a vignette for the reader and you feel as though you have skipped across borders and potential into another world of adventure and excitement.

Roo, Ed and Willard learn plenty about themselves and about what it means to wish and follow that wish to your hearts desire. Each child is holding on to something and their lives change for the better when these are shared and let go.

So easy to read and get hooked in, I loved the characters, even smelly Attlee and was so hopeful throughout the story, it was just pure happiness.

What a belter of a book, one that will pose the question- what would you wish for?

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