Seed by Caryl Lewis

A beautiful package arrived with the yummiest cake pop ever!

Another complete joy of a book. I was laughing and crying throughout this story and the one constant emotion was hope. Loud and clear and for all to hear, this book is hopeful and happy.

Marty lives with his mum in a house that feels smaller and smaller as he grows bigger. Mum is a hoarder and cannot bear to throw things away. Things have gotten worse again and the council are coming in a week. In a sudden splurge of energy, Mum begins tidying away and throwing away. Marty helps where he can but this is bigger than him now.

Grandad and his allotment are the saving graces for Marty. He can spend time out of the house and away from the issues that threaten to drown him. Grandad knows of the problems and has tried to help but been shut down. He supports Marty as best he can.

When Grandad gives Marty a special seed for his birthday, they nurture it together and watch it grow into an absolute beast of a pumpkin. Grandad has a plan for Marty, one linked to the trinket he carries in his pocket. A gift from his Dad before he left them.

New friend Gracie adds some humour and honesty for Marty, as he is unaccustomed to friends. Gracie and Marty both have dreams, ones which seem out of reach, and ones involving family. Poignant moments of secret sharing, hopes and dreams are scattered like seeds in this story.

Grandad is a colourful character with plenty of ideas and hopes for Marty. Gracie is a brilliant best friend and Marty learns so much about himself and his family throughout this epic adventure! It is certainly an unexpected journey, one I think you will love!

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