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Reasons to Read Marv!!!

  1. There is a new superhero in town and he happens to be the coolest of cool! Spending time with his ultra hip Grandpa and reading comics- this is the ultimate book hero for young readers.
  2. A young boy, Marvin, discovers a superhero suit in the attic and learns that he is destined to become a new superhero. He isn’t sure if he is brave or bold enough to fill the suit but his Grandpa assures him he is. There are some heart warming moments between the two!
  3. Author Alex Falase-Koya decided to write Marv for all the children who want to see themselves in books, something he didn’t find growing up. There was one superhero he could see his reflection in and wanted to offer more to the readers of today.
  4. It is highly illustrated by the uber talented Paula Bowles, ensuring it is a perfect bridge between picture book and chapter book. The colour palette is perfectly suited to new chapter book readers. The length and style is ideal for supporting those wanting longer bursts of text but no willing to give up the illustrations.
  5. Marvin is a brilliant best friend to Joe, especially when Joe feels sad and worried about their science fair project. Marvin offers support even when their project is being taunted.
  6. There are 2 titles published now and a further 3 to come! Available now are Marv and the Mega Robot and Marv and the Dino Attack! Coming next is Marv and the Pool of Peril.
  7. Marv meets Pixel, a robot superhero sidekick! She is adorable and her excitement levels are off the chart to meet Marvin!
  8. The suit reacts to Marvin’s size and shape as soon as he puts it on and he just has to “tell the suit what you want to try and see what happens”. How thrilling this would be to chat about with readers to discover what they would want their suits to do.
  9. Marvin’s dad is a hero too, of a different sort. He is a nurse in the hospital and there are several references to him being a hero throughout the story! Which we all know is very true!
  10. Marv is the new super cool superhero that readers are going to want to be on World Book Day and at parties. Step aside Mr Incredible, Marv is here!

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