Furthermoor by Darren Simpson

I have just shared an extract from Darren Simpson’s latest book, Furthermoor, in which we get to know a bit more about the main character Bren. It seems the perfect day to also share my review of this book!

This fast paced, heart wrenching book shows that bravery isn’t always loud, it can be quiet too.

Bren retreats into Furthermoor whenever reality becomes too much since the death of his sister Evie.  School is full of avoiding eye contact, dreaming out the window and scurrying home to his bedroom, all to avoid Shaun.  This is the ultimate bully and one who injects fear and threat into his victims over time.  Not one to get bored and or forget, he makes life hell for Bren. When a new boy, Cary, stands up to Shaun, Bren seems to bear the brunt of Shaun’s anger and when Bren finally tries to stand up for himself and Cary, it all goes horribly wrong.

Furthermoor was created by Evie and Bren on family trips, a beautiful place of their shared imagination and it is where Bren can still find and be with his sister, though time has passed in reality. It is a sanctuary from the bullying, the grief at home and from parents who are not coping.  This world is threatened by Featherly, cruel, taunting and chaotic and Bren will need to face the challenges and consequences of his actions here and in the real world.

Featherly challenges Bren and his courage.  

Ultimately, this book is about the damage a bully can have on one’s self esteem, self worth and mental health.  It is about learning to have courage in the face of fear and threats and it is finding your way back after the loss of someone vital.

Darren doesn’t shy away from bold or sensitive issues, challenging the reader as much as the characters are challenged.

Bold, intense and brilliant!

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