New Non Fiction!

I adore non-fiction books, more so now than when I was growing up! The NF books published today are so much bolder, more colourful and inventive than the boring old photographic archives I was given. Children are spoiled for choice and the books featured today would be perfect for sharing!

How to Make a Book by Becky Davies, Illustrations by Patricia Hu, Published by Little Tiger
The Extraordinary World of Birds by David Lindo, Illustrations by Claire McElfatrick, Published by DK Books
Once Upon a Big Idea, The Story of Inventions by James Carter, Illustrations by Margaux Carpentier, Published by Little Tiger
Beyond Belief, The Science of the Future by Alex Woolf, Illustrations by Jasmine Floyd, Published by Little Tiger
Atoms by John Devolle, Published by Pushkin Children’s
Locomotion, A Visual History of Trains by Alastair Steele, Illustrations by Ryo Takemasa, Published by Bonnier Books

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