Kate on the Case by Hannah Peck, The Blog Tour!

Kate on the Case landed on my doormat and it was immediately read. The print that accompanied it was placed on my display shelves where all the most special prints and photos go.

I have long been a fan of Hannah Peck’s artwork as seen on book covers of some of my favourite books. I was delighted to see that her illustrations and clever story grace the pages of this book!

Signed up for a three book deal, Kate on the Case is the first in this new series for younger readers.

Here are Reasons to Read…Kate on the Case!

**This delightful new series is full of charm, excellent vocabulary and a mystery sure to keep readers on their toes!

**The illustrations, even in the proof, are captivating and wonderful.

** A mouse named Rupert who is brave, loyal and true!

** Kate’s investigative nose for a story and hidden adventures! Carrying her Special Correspondent Manual with her, she is ready for anything. It is her handy guide for all detective situations.

** Not the tiger who came to tea, but a tiger cooking tea…and speaking in rhyme!

** New friendships and idols to admire, including Kate’s mum who is an explorer and researcher!

**The last page gives a small clue to the next adventure!

The Case of the Silver Wibbler, Book Two in the series

Kate and her dad are travelling on Miss Custard, a white steamboat enjoying a trip courtesy of Kate’s idol who got in touch after reading her brilliant story aboard the Arctic Express. Ms. Rodriguez asked Kate to write a special story while aboard Miss Custard.

The story is about shrimp and Kate is not entirely inspired by this piece so when a more exciting prospect falls into her lap, she immediately sets things in motion. New friend Bertie, and pet mouse, Rupert are with her every step of the way as they read an old diary of an intrepid bird spotter, named Bloom. He was searching for the silver wibbler for many years without luck.

Bertie, Kate and Rupert use some clever tricks, like lock picking, pirating and map making to discover the truth behind this elusive bird.

Kate is a brilliant “special correspondent” like her idol and can spot a story a mile off. She has just the right skills and determination, not to mention curiosity to discover clues and find answers.

This series is brilliant and I love that Kate travels with Dad while mum is off making amazing seaweed discoveries. Rupert is the ultimate best friend, supporting their adventures at every opportunity.

The illustrations are superb and make this the perfect series for young readers wanting to move into more in depth mysteries without missing out on all the fab pictures!

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