An Artist’s Eyes Blog Tour

A celebration of the uniqueness of people, their sights and their ways of seeing the world around them. Jo and Mo May have similar shaped eyes and exude friendliness but they each see something different and spectacular along their walk.

Mo sees with an artist’s eyes all the facets of one colour, the apple green, the lime and moss when looking into the forest, but not Jo. He sees nothing of those colours. During their colourful walk, Jo becomes more and more frustrated that he isn’t seeing the same as Mo.

It takes her kind encouragement for him to share what it is he sees. Jo too, has an artist’s eyes but in place of the multitude of colours, he can see the movement, swirls and fans, the lines and patterns. Mo squeezes his hand for him to go on, offering him the opportunity to let his imagination run wild and to see with his own artist’s eyes.

A stunning story of imagination, confidence in your own abilities and uniqueness is beautifully painted in all the shapes and shades the artists’ describe on their adventure.

This would be brilliant to share at the beginning of any art lesson or unit so children can begin with that boost of confidence and with the assuredness that they may see and do differently but this is no less brilliant than any other artist.

An Artist’s Eyes by Frances Tosdevin and Clemence Monnet, Published by First Editions 5 April 2022.

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