Hedgewitch by Skye McKenna

I was thrilled to see Skye McKenna do a short reading at the FCBG conference last weekend. She was there as part of the tea and cake celebrations for Hedgewitch, hosted by Welbeck Publishing. I can confirm the cakes were huge and delicious and certainly created a buzz about Hedgewitch!

Just wanted to re-share my review for this brilliant new book and the first in the series!

An entirely gorgeous package arrived with the book, a candle, tea and an invitation to join the 1st Hedgely Coven (of which I readily and happily accept)!

A compelling and thrilling adventure for a young witch on the hunt for the truth about her mother, always hoping she can find truths and answers!

Cassie has been at Fowell House for 7 years, ever since her mother dropped her off, never to be seen again. Now she has been legally declared dead and Cassie must go to the orphanage. From one dreadful home to another proves too much for Cassie and she runs away instead. With no family or friends, she really has nothing more to lose. Well, all except her precious books hidden in her room. She manages to take one with her, one that will inevitably assist her, though she doesn’t realise that yet!

Her first night on her own proves to be dangerous and eye opening. A gang of goblins try to hunt her while a cat advises her in her first broomstick flying lesson.

Discovering she is actually the niece of the Hedgewitch, a powerful witch protecting the border between the human and faerie world, Cassie moves to Hartwood Hall. The cat, aptly named Montague, accompanies her there and Cassie meets new family, makes friends and learns that she can become a witch over time!

Even as she learns new ways and adapts to family, friends and safety, there is always the motivation to hunt for her mother. Vowing early on to break rules, enter into danger and take any action necessary, Cassie will do all she can to find out more.

Along the journey, there are plenty of trials, one particularly unpleasant rival and goblins to battle. If there is one thing mosts readers know, it is not to trust those who are faerie. Tricks and taunts are their specialty. Can Cassie learn enough witch skills to protect herself and find her mother?

Cassie is strong, determined and stubborn. Her friends Rue and Tabitha are loyal and brave, all heading into Cassie’s adventures head first. Led by heart or head, these girls are friends you can count on.

I loved reading this story and found it a fascinating study of all things faerie, as well as a brilliant story of finding home and friends. Knowing there is more to come is truly exciting! I cannot wait to visit Cassie, Rue, Tabitha and Montague in Woodwitch, coming in April 2023!


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