The Great Fox Illusion Blog Tour

As part of the blog tour for The Great Fox Illusion, author Justyn Edwards shares his top 5 magic tricks! Have you ever seen or heard of these illusions or tricks before? Check out the accompanying videos for more about each one!

#5: Chop Cup – Paul Daniels

One of the oldest tricks ever performed, a cups-and-balls routine involves cups and disappearing balls. It is incredibly simple, there is nothing special about the cup or the ball. All he does is move the ball behind his hand. However, to perform this trick to this standard requires a huge amount of skill and practice. Paul Daniels shows us how it’s done.

#4: Statue of Liberty – David Copperfield

David Copperfield was the master of the grand illusion, and they don’t come much bigger than this. This is one of the tricks that features in The Great Fox Illusion and sadly there’s no performing big show pieces for TV like this today. Sit back and watch David do his thing.

#3: On the side of a bus – Dynamo

Dynamo has done some incredible street magic stunts over the years, but this has to be one of his most eye catching. Here he apparently levitates on the side of a London bus while managing to look distinctly unimpressed. The people he drives past though have a rather different reaction.

#2: Russian Roulette – Derren Brown

No one grabs your attention quite like the great showman that is Derren Brown. When he apparently played Russian Roulette live on TV it caused quite a stir. No one does a better job of making you sit up and take notice. Enjoy!

#1: Card trick – Eric Chien

Sometimes a performer turns a trick into a work of art. There are no words to describe how much dedication and practice has gone into this. You just need to sit back and enjoy a masterpiece.

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