Ajay and the Mumbai Sun by Varsha Shah

Written by Varsha Shah, Illustrated by Sonia Albert, Published by Chicken House Books

A truly superb story of journalism, hope and determination set in the city of Mumbai, within a community of people who live poorly but with huge hearts.

Ajay lives at the Railway station and dreams of working for a big city paper as a journalist. His first meeting with Mr Gupta, the editor, does not go to plan but Ajay is not one to give up.

When an old printing press is abandoned, Ajay and apprentice engineer Saif, bring it to the station and fix it up. This is the opportunity Ajay has been waiting for! Ajay begins the Mumbai Sun with friends, Vinod, Yasmin and Saif, all pitching in and using their talents where they can.

Believing he knows what will encourage readers to buy his paper, Ajay goes on the hunt for some stories, unaware of the wasp’s nest he is stirring up. Ajay will find himself involved with some very powerful people, ones who will stop at nothing to hide the truth.

Ajay is a brilliant character, determined, smart and able to see through to the truth…his friends know his heart is in the right place and they work together to share the vital stories that will affect those in the slums most of all.

I loved being transported to this city and to a world I have never visited. I could picture the slums, hear the noises and smell the delicious food being cooked in the open air. This world came alive and Ajay is the type of character who leaps off the pages and into your heart.

Tackling some huge issues, bullies and big businesses, Ajay will need to report honestly and with truth to bring about the change the slums so desperately need. Communities will come together in new ways and for the greater good of the people. Ajay leads his own band of revolutionaries via The Mumbai Sun!

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