Dead Good Detectives by Jenny McLachlan

Written by Jenny McLachlan, Illustrated by Chloe Dominique, Publishing with FarShore (7.7.22)

Get ready Roar fans! Creative author Jenny McLachlan has a new series to share- Dead Good Detectives!

Sid and Zen are good friends, both a little weird and they love making up games and playing in the local graveyard! Sid loves maps and has been creating a map of her town, Fathom, for ages. She has added smells, memories and every small detail she can, including the gravestones around her. When she discovers a new one hidden behind some ivy, she begins to add it to her map, not realising she is taking steps to release a ghost from his trapped place in time.

Only Sid can see Bones, or Ezekiel Kittow as he was known in the past. He was a privateer and has some unfinished business to tidy up so he can move on from the “Halfway House”. This is a place where the innkeeper tricks lost souls to live forever…and Bones is keen to escape, as are all the ghosts inside.

Sid and Bones become allies in the hunt for the soul releasing treasure and soon Zen gets involved…but what is the treasure and do they have time before Bones disappears for good?

I loved Sid, and her weirdness, which she learns to embrace thanks to best friend Zen, Bones and her Dad! She is different but she is kind, a good friend and a loving daughter.

This is a brilliant story, full of adventure, friendship and mystery. I love the title and premise…detectives intent on freeing dead souls and helping them escape from the Halfway House, where all is not as it seems…

Really hoping for more from this series!

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