Magic Born by Peter Bunzl

A tale of two halves- a set of long lost twins and a fairyland divided from England. Two stories intertwined as you read, one building towards the future and the other filling in the gaps of the past.

Utterly beguiling, this adventure does not pause for breath as it leads you on twisting and dangerous path along which lay secrets, curses and magic.

Storm Girl, Tempest, remembers nothing of her past but feels love and devotion from Prosper and Marino, her ferry keeper fathers! They saved her in many ways and have offered to become her proper parents. Before she can accept this invitation, an event separates them and she yearns to find her way home again.

Wild Boy lives in the forest and can transform into creatures, his favourite being a wolf. When he is captured by the Royal Sorcerer, Storm Girl is taken as well and it is this meeting point where similarities and discoveries are made.

Kwesi, their new friend, is also magic born and it is their combined friendship that gives each the strength and confidence to face their enemies, their fears and their futures.

An incredible story that keeps you reading, certain of one path and then discovering a different one. Written with such brilliance, you will immediately find yourself lost in Kensington Palace with Lord and Lady Hawthorn weaving their dark magic over the royals and the rest of the palace.

I love the ending and the sense of wonder, strength and certainty this group of friends show even when faced with the true nature of their hidden world.

Promised to be a new series, I am lining up for book two now!

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