Orla and the Magpie’s Kiss Blog Tour

Written by C.J. Haslam, Cover by Paddy Donnelly, Published by Walker Books

Check out my Reasons to Read Orla and the Magpie’s Kiss as part of the blog tour celebrations!

1. Orla, her brothers and Dave the dog are off to Norfolk to stay with eccentric Uncle Valentine! Norfolk is perfectly atmospheric for witchy stories and a brilliant natural world to explore!

2. Orla is a witch, though she is still getting to grips with this part of her and makes new discoveries all the time! She has a lot to learn and as the reader, we get to learn along with her.

3. Dave the dog, a Jack Russell terrier, is Orla’s life saver, and his nose helps to keep them all safe! His thoughts in the story are brilliant! “He liked nature programmes, fly-on-the-wall documentaries about policemen and old Road Runner cartoons”.

4. This is the second amazing book in this series and though you can just dive in, it would be extra helpful to have read the first, which is as fantastic as this one. Both are epic, thrilling and adventurous!

5. Orla is a superb main character, determined, confident and strong! She is happy to have help when needed but certainly doesn’t wait around for it or rely on it. She makes for a great courageous role model.

6. Though it definitely falls into the fantasy genre, there are hugely relevant and real issues presented, such as deforestation as well as caring for the natural world and its creatures. So many of the books highlight this cause and it certainly makes an impact when discussing it with readers.

7. Dark magic and a thrilling reveal make this an absolute page turner!

8. These two books are fantastically written with stunning covers by the awesome Paddy Donnelly. I can’t recommend them enough and there always seems to be a waiting list for book one so I can just imagine the excitement when book two lands in the library!

Orla and the Serpent’s Curse, Orla and the Magpie’s Kiss are both available now!

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