I am NOT a Prince by Rachael Davis

Five things I am proud of – Rachael Davis

In I am NOT a Prince, Hopp reminds us that it is important to be proud to be yourself. When I reflect on my life, there are a few things that stand out to me as things I am truly proud of…

1. My children

My two daughters are the most important part of my life. They challenge me to be the best version of myself and inspire me to be as carefree and creative as they are.

2. Going to university

I worked very hard throughout my state school educationand being offered a place to study Maths at Oxford was a proud moment for me. But what I am even more proud of, is how I reacted when I got there. I was like a fish out of water and really struggled, but I never gave up (and ended up really enjoying my time there). Those lessons of perseverance and resilience have helped me throughout my life.

3. Changing careers

After graduating, I went to work in finance in the city. It was a great job but I didn’t love it. When my mum got terminal cancer, I realised how short life could be. I quit my job to follow my dream of being a writer. It was a long and difficult road, but I am now a full-time author. When I look back, ten years later, I am so pleased, and proud of myself, for taking the risk.

4. My books

Over the past ten years, I have published several books for children and adults, but two stick out that I am extra proud of. First, my debut picture book, I am NOT a Prince, illustrated by Beatrix Hatcher. I drew on my own lived experience as a marginalised mixed-race Black-British cis woman. Growing up I often felt stereotyped and pigeon-holed by my race and gender– and sometimes still do! I wrote the picture book text I wished I had as a child, a twisted fairy tale, to remind me that you don’t have to conform to what others think you should be, you can just be yourself. The second book comes out 5 July 2022, A Mind Like Mine, illustrated by Islenia Mil.Around the time my mum was ill, I began experiencing anxiety. This collection of famous biographies with mental health journeys is the book I wish I had been able to read then. It challenges mental health stereotypes and reminds us that mental health disorders need not stand between us and our dreams.

5. My mum

My mum, Letitia Featherstone, was the most incredible human being I have ever known. She had the biggest heart and meant so much to so many people. She is a huge inspiration in my life and my writing. She taught me to be proud to be myself (the message in I am NOT a Prince) and she taught me to never be afraid to speak my truth and to try to help others (which gave me the confidence to write A Mind Like Mine). I feel honoured to be her daughter and I strive to be a mum like her with my own daughters.


Thank you for having me Erin and being on the blog tour for I am NOT a Prince!

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