Olive Jones and the Memory Thief by Kate Gilby Smith

The book arrived with the goodies making me feel involved in the story before I even began reading it! Love those details in building anticipation.

Imagine learning that your recently departed grandmother left you her memories to watch via new and futuristic technology. Imagine laying down to learn more about a grandmother you knew little about, only to find those memories stolen and a mystery opened up for you to solve!

Olive Jones has just had this very surreal experience and now is determined to put her over active imagination to good use in solving Operation Shadow.

The legendary Sylvie Jones has left her grandchildren, Olive and Frankie, four dossiers of potential moles within the British Intelligence Service and now they must complete her life’s work and clear her name.

From the very first chapter, this book takes off at a break neck speed, keeping pace throughout as the children discover cool gadgets, powerful secrets and live out spy movie events such as chases, races and epic captures!

I loved the mysteries and twists of Alex Nobody but this is even more of a brilliantly interwoven tale. I was completely hooked and had to read this in one gloriously exciting sitting, ensuring I saw the outcomes I was hoping for. I was not disappointed but I was certainly surprised.

I am floored by the adventure written within this book and would love more from this family! Olive is often in trouble, day dreaming and quick to react but she learns how to use these to her advantage as they navigate the world of spies, moles and secrets. Frankie, her younger brother, is super smart, a chess champion and very trusting. Their differences are what will help them solve this case.

From not knowing their grandmother and wanting the normality of visits, pear drops and stories to learning about the legendary Sylvie Jones, Olive and Frankie come full circle in their love for their grandmother.


      1. Thanks, hopefully I’ll be close to finishing my CILIP chartership application by then, youngest will have finished A levels & I’ll actually have more time to read for pleasure! I’ve a long shopping list building 😁


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