The Light Thieves by Helena Duggan

Publishing in September 2022

What a book! At times, this felt all too real in terms of the impact of technology on our lives and our reliance upon it. Not to mention how quickly it can advance and be used wrongly in the hands of someone with evil intentions.

At the heart of this story is an overwhelming message on the importance of nature, insects and the role humans play in the continuous destruction of natural habitats.

Another thread woven in is finding friends who your gut tell you are good! Grian, the main character, has no friends and struggles to make new ones. He lives with his parents, sister and grandad ever since the earthquake that knocked the earth off its axis and is dangerously close to tipping further. Grian’s grandad is an anti-tilter, meaning he doesn’t believe what Howard Hansom is spouting. Hansom is rich, powerful and believable- all the qualities the world is looking for in a leader. He has the world believing that by moving themselves to “The Tipping Point”, the sheer weight will have the world back to normal. Promises of riches, freedom and access to the latest tech have people flocking here, including Grian’s sister, Solas. She has run away and here begins this huge adventure.

Proctors, hooded and powerful guards, are hunting Grian, Solas and grandad, making them all fearful. Grian is left alone when Grandad leaves in search of Solas and must call on Jeremy, his neighbour for help. Jeremy, a tech genius and hacker is fully on board with no questions asked. He, too, struggles to make friends.

They find themselves in the Wilde searching for shelter and answers. People are untrusting of the Wilde as they live off grid and do not rely upon tech for anything. Grian and Jeremy form a friendship with Shelli and her fox, Nach.

Heading out alone for answers and the truth, this trio will find themselves up against the most powerful man in the world and while he seems nice and helpful, Grian’s gut instinct is sending mixed messages.

As the book draws to a close, it is clear that there will be a sequel as more questions are raised than answers given. While there is a small sense of closure, there is a gaping hole for more adventure still to come.

Energetic, thought provoking and adventurous, this was a book I could not put down. The characters are excellent, each offering a unique voice and perspective to the plans needed to find Solas, Grandad and vital answers.

The word “quirky” is written about the book and I can’t help but agree! Quirky, imaginative and wonderful! I know the wait for book 2 will be excruciating but it may give me a chance to re-read The Light Thieves at least once more!

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