Zo and the Forest of Secrets Blog Tour

It is my turn on the exciting blog tour for Zo and her wild adventure. This is a fantastical story, with so many elements woven in, from horror to sci-fi and mystery! Thrilling and adventurous, you won’t guess where this is going!

With plenty of intertwined plot lines. scary , mutant creatures and dangerous experiments gone wrong, this book is utterly beguiling. As you begin this tale, you immerse yourself in Alake Pilgrim’s wild descriptions of the hot, sweaty climate and tangled jungle.

Zo has plans to run away from home, where she lives with her Mum, Jake and the new baby. Zo’s Dad now lives in NYC and he feels far from her in rural Trinidad. Her plans will hopefully bring her Dad back so she can move to NY with him. She doesn’t plan to stray far, just enough to cause some worry!

Samaan Bay is boring and Zo is unhappy. When she gets warned about local elderly women, Mrs Kofi, Zo is certain she witnessed more than a warning. Was it a trick of the light or sunstroke? Mrs K turned into a giant spider!

The premise of this book takes time to learn and the plot becomes even more intense and at times terrifying as Zo tries to survive plenty that want to kill her. The forest does hold many secrets and it will take huge amounts of courage and self discovery to survive the ordeal.

Zo is not alone on this journey. She has met, saved and delved into the memories of Adri. What she has witnessed while in his mind terrifies her on many levels and she knows she can no longer touch him and to be extra cautious of dangers lurking everywhere.

This is an absolute heart pounding read for just as safety arrives from one fear or danger, something else rises out of the forest. I could not put this book down and though it has ended, I am left with plenty of questions and hopes of more to come from Zo!

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