Word of the Day Blog Tour

With this exceptional book you not only get a brilliant word of the day to add to your vocabulary, but a fun illustration and a story of the month that uses each word highlighted that month. Gloriously illustrated with animals and images that encapsulate that word, readers will be drawn back to the book day in and day out.

I think with books along this idea, it can be easy to dumb down to readers and choose words they may be familiar with or have read often. This book is set apart from that crowd in that the words are new, unfamiliar and sure to impress friends as you drop them into conversation.

I was so pleased to see a pronunciation guide with each word as some are ones I struggle with like “guffaw”, “ephemeral” and “odoriferous”. I loved just flipping through the pages in the first read to spot really cool and impressive words and then I slowed down for a closer inspection on the next read. I was looking at the illustrations, definitions and fact shared for each word. My next read will be to read the stories.

I think it would be brilliant to share this as part of the daily work in school and then read the story at the end of the month, or read the story first and find the unfamiliar words, then hunt them out each day. There is so much scope for enjoyment with this book. It is likely one I would want to keep and draw out again and again.

I tried to find a favourite word but I think I could likely have chosen one from each month, though that was also going to be tricky. I like words that roll off the tongue and ones that are older with more history! A few amongst the top favourites would be “whippersnapper”, “aplomb”, “raconteur” and “cornucopia”.

An absolutely brilliant book and I cannot wait to spend more time reading and learning a new word every day!

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