The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott

What an extraordinary voyage and adventure lie in wait for readers of this novel. I have long admired Sharon Gosling’s books and thought The House of Hidden Wonders to be my favourite but I now think Katy Willacott may have the edge.

A star-gazer, adventure seeking ,determined young lady, Katy Willacott has spotted an opportunity and fully intends to take it, regardless of what obstacles stand in her way.

A voyage to Brazil and the chance to hunt for a meteorite is too great a chance to pass up so Katy cuts her hair and applies for a job as a cabin boy on board The Alerte. The only downside is the leader of the voyage, an onerous and devious man known as Sir Thomas Derby. He is greedy and bold, making large claims on the trip to Brazil and even more on the way home again. He travels with an equally unpleasant man, Mazarin.

Proving herself as a cabin boy, she earns her pay upon arrival in Brazil and immediately sets off to hunt for her meteorite

Katy’s kindness and courage lead her down the river with Theo and Celia, a brother and sister and living with their grandfather. They can’t leave home as they wait for the return of their older brother who left 8 months previously. Despite the mass destruction, hunting and dangers, they wait for him full of worry. Rubber plantations have risen and are exploiting not only the land but the people too.

Katy learns just how devious Derby and Mazarin truly are whilst in the jungle but she also learns more about herself.

Thrilling, honest and true, this book will highlight the destruction caused by humans, fill your heart with hope and love and make you wish you were as brave as Katy.

Loved it and couldn’t wait to get back to the last few chapters after work. Truly extraordinary!

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