Monster Doughnuts Blog Tour

I was thrilled when Piccadilly Press invited me to take part in this blog tour. I was over the moon when the entire series arrived so I could catch up and read them all in order!

I thoroughly enjoyed each adventure and found by book 3, Beastly Breakout, I was totally invested with these characters and their goals as monster hunters. Grace and Mr Harris lead each adventure with their own blend of antics, banter and chaos.

In this adventure, they are combining two missions, ones that naturally lead together in the course of events. Mr Harris is being secretive and searching the monster scanner for someone but Grace doesn’t know who. They have also been assigned to a monster prison break!

Heading into the monster world, the Hunter team are on the hunt for escaped prisoners, easily identifiable in their black and white prison uniform.

Mr Harris and his trusty steed and bicycle are leading the way for his own personal mission, while Grace and Frank try to complete the original mission.

Plenty of snappy comments and egotistical thoughts surround Mr Harris and it certainly keeps the reader chuckling away. Grace has endless patience with the Cyclopes and they get into some hilarious situations.

These would be fantastic to read aloud to a class of children with chuckles guaranteed! I advise to read them with a doughnut!

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