No Sleep for Bear Blog Tour

Bear is ready to hibernate. He has his soft blanket and a full tummy and his cave has a cosy feel to it. Laying there waiting for sleep to come becomes frustrating and so bear leaves his cave in search of ways to fall asleep.

Hanging upside down like a bat, singing loudly and taking a long walk haven’t helped and poor bear is feeling over tired and upset.

When he meets frog at the pond, he is finally given some great advice. He needs to relax!

Listening to the soft sounds of night and the gentle noises of the water, Bear finally falls asleep. Unfortunately, he is nowhere near his cave!

All the animals help get Bear home but it takes all winter and just as Bear is waking up for Spring, his friends have fallen into a much needed sleep.

Such a wonderful story of relaxation, the importance of friendship and a fun glimpse into hibernation.

Duncan Beedie has enormous talent for creating wonderful stories with vibrant and detailed illustrations.

This is a must have book for fans of The Bear Who Stared.

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