Festergrimm by Thomas Taylor

Each visit I take to Eerie on Sea is full of legend, stories and adventure and it must be said, each adventure gets better and better.

Herbie and Violet are still the only ones who truly know of the danger Sebastian Eels poses to their seaside town. The grown ups seem to be somewhat oblivious and forgiving of the dangers he has caused, especially for Herbie and Violet.

When a VIP guest turns out to be Eels, Herbie and Violet know another adventure led by them is coming. Knowing what they know about Eels, they are certain his new venture is hiding a more sinister activity. They will just need to prove it but Eels is on to them and this story gets quite dangerous for our favourite lost and founder.

The legend of Festergrimm stirs a lot of local secrets up for some families and it is not welcome. The possibility of the wax works museum opening is one the town may be excited about but with Eels behind it, the kids are sure he is up to no good. There is more to his arrival and plans than anyone knows!

This is a fantastic and legendary series bringing Eerie on Sea’s best legends to life and keeping the reader completely enthralled and engaged!

The series goes from strength to strength and I cannot wait for Mermedusa!

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