MouseHeart by Fleur Hitchcock

What a brilliant mystery this book is. It has been on my watch list ever since Nosy Crow announced its publication and I am so pleased to have been sent a proof copy to enjoy.

Set in The Moth, a theatre of some reknown, we meet a bold cast of characters in the midst of a drama! Someone has been murdered and one of their own is cast as murderer! Mouse, a foundling, has been adopted into this rag tag band of actors and she is quite happy.

She has been taught in stage combat, dancing and all things acting by the family who own the theatre, by Walter, Kwadwo, Ambrose and the exuberant Valentina!

As the story progresses, you begin to suspect members of the troupe…challenging yourself and the story to set things in motion…who is the murderer and what might happen next? I had my suspicions and as I turned each page, I began to doubt myself and chose someone else. It was only towards the very end that I figured it out.

Mouse is the most loyal and determined character, entirely brave and wonderful. She sets out to prove her friend innocent, and to find the true killer. What she learns will certainly shock and challenge, both herself and the reader! She has some incredibly daring escapades throughout the book but her determination, loyalty and courage see her through every time!

A wonderfully written and suspenseful mystery, ideal for young sleuths. I love the historical setting, the plots and the superb cast of characters. What a triumph of a story!

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