How to Catch a Rainbow Blog Tour

Today is my turn on the blog tour for How to Catch a Rainbow and I am writing in blue in honour of the blue in the rainbow! As I am on holiday, not seeing any rainbows yet, I have been enjoying this story via digital format. I cannot wait to share the physical book with children in school along with the challenge to find their own rainbows.

Freya is a happy young girl with an obsession for rainbows. Her room and clothing are all rainbow-inspired and she decides that she should catch one to keep for herself. However, that proves to be trickier than she thought.

When a real rainbow is not found, a new idea pops into Freya’s mind and she begins a different hunt for her rainbow, one that leads her around her garden on a colour hunt. Some colours are easier than others but Freya does not give up. She is determined to find or create her own rainbow.

As you read this colourful and inspiring book, you can’t help but love Freya and her determination to hunt for her own rainbow. She doesn’t give up but finds a reflective moment of peace before continuing her search. The illustrations are bright, bold and colourful and beg the reader to feel a part of Freya’s world.

This beautiful story is perfect for reading aloud and I cannot imagine any reader being able to resist the temptation of searching or creating their own rainbows.

Simply put, this is a new favourite of mine and I will be reading it aloud many times in the new school year.

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