The Last Monster Blog Tour

I thoroughly enjoyed the books by Dan Walker featuring Lux, Nova, Fera and Brace. These exceptional children have battles to face but they do it together and with plenty of encouragement. I am pleased to share a guest post from Dan Walker about this series!

The world of the Light Hunters is a dangerous place.

Huge Monsters roam the land, as big as houses. Dragons, Cerberuses, Behemoths, Minotaurs. They smash towns and cities to smithereens, attacking from the lands outside and striking when least expected. So common are the attacks that each town has watchtowers, always on the lookout for the next nightmare coming their way.

The only thing that stands between these settlements and the Monsters is a small, secretive group called the Light Hunters. Formed of people the world over, each Hunter has one thing in common with the rest: they can manipulate Light.

Light. Not the normal everyday kind we use to see our feet when we’re putting our socks on in the morning. This Light is special, magical. An ancient power that very few can wield. The very fabric of the universe. And it can be used to do dazzling things.

The Light Hunters live at their secret HQ, Dawnstar, tucked away at the bottom of a meteor Crater, where they learn and train and try to improve their skills so that the next time they have to defend a town they are better prepared.

Because battling giant, tree-sized Monsters isn’t easy, the Light Hunters organize themselves carefully, splitting into classes – specialists who use Light in different ways. Conjurors cast offensive attacks – Flame, Snow, Bolt. Archers use a special bow that fires Light-arrows. Techs use a device they wear on their wrists to provide support. And Healers use their Light to mend people, keep them safe.

In The Last Monster, Squad Juno, the Light Hunter squad of main character Lux Dowd and his friends, is sent on a mission to faraway city Lindhelm, searching for a professor who might have a way to put an end to Monster attacks once and for all.

But to find that way, the Light Hunters have to delve into Ancient secrets that should perhaps be left untouched.

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