Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never by Rebecca King

Earlier today I posted a guest post from author, Rebecca King as part of the blog tour. I also wanted to share my review so here it is!

Publishing 18 August with Hachette Children’s

“It’s time to write your own fate. Your only limit is your imagination”

This is a complicated and extraordinary adventure! Completely unique and offering so much food for thought, this is already a top pick of 2022 for me. We meet a community reliant on fate cards that arrive around a child’s 12th birthday. This card cannot be destroyed or argued against, it is a firm fate for the person whose name reads across the top.

Your fate is decided and sent to you and regardless of your passions, interests or hobbies, you must align with your fate. Also printed on your card is the name of your future spouse and the age at which you will die. Met with resignation, each person must change their paths to suddenly follow the card.

Ember is days away from turning 12 and her card has arrived but she can’t show it to anyone yet and doesn’t know what to do…for her card has arrived blank!

What can it mean? She has so many questions and fears…and then her little sister’s card arrives with the number 8 etched on it. This is the deciding point for Ember- she will not lose her sister! “Life is supposed to be messy, and we aren’t supposed to have it all mapped out for us.”

What follows is the most epic adventure up Mount Never, one that has never been done before! No one dares set foot on the mountain. A certain fear is shared amongst those who live nearby, tales of missing children and scary things atop the mountain.

Along the way, Ember will find friend and foe, fear and hope and an unwavering dedication to her family and a fierce determination to succeed. Other fantastic characters, like Hans and Florence, fill this adventure with heart, friendship and an unwavering loyalty!

I could not stop reading this and feel it may just be one of the best books I have read! Having read it on Netgalley, the promised illustrations were missing so I will certainly be pre-ordering this one!

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