My Mum is a Spy Blog Tour

I read this in one exciting sitting as I went on a super adventure with Idris and Lucia! Check out my review below and the other stops on the blog tour too!

A fantastically written and wonderfully illustrated story about Idris and Lucia, a pair of kids thrown together by their parents’ relationship. Lucia believes Idris’s mum, Sarah, to be a spy and Idris finds that ridiculous. She is the most boring mum ever and she works in a paper clip factory!

Lucia’s dad, David, is a zoo vet and animal obsessed Idris is keen to know everything about his job. One evening over dinner, the family learn of a theft at the zoo. A few Pangolins have been stolen and this is very bad news. They are highly endangered and worth a lot of money but they are also beautiful and deserve to live a peaceful life.

A trip to the zoo the next day is full of surprises as Idris and Lucia learn a lot about their family!

Action packed and with fascinating and relatable characters, this is a series I can totally get on board with. It has great facts about animals and tricks of the spy trade to learn as you read!

An exceptional new series for young readers!

My Mum Is A Spy written by Andy McNab and Jess French, Illustrated by Nathan Reed is published by Welbeck Children’s on 18th August, priced £6.99

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