Emba Oak and The Terrible Tomorrows by Jenny Moore

Knock knock knock!

Our story begins with a reminder that all great stories begin with a knock at the door. A knock heralding change, excitement and danger.

In the story of Emba, she has no door but she can hear something remarkably similar to a knock and when she finds the courage to open her eyes, she is surprised by what she sees. A dragon floats above her, it’s thick tail hitting in a knocking fashion, wings beating, looking as though it wants to share something with her.

Emba’s “parent”, Fred, is a powerful witch and has taken care of Emba since she hatched from an egg. Emba has dragon scales on her arms and legs, marking her different from others. Her story will be shared just in time as a quest awaits her and her hero-in-training friend, Odolf.

Fred consults the Tome of Terrible Tomorrows looking for a prophecy about Emba. Written in rhyme and needing to be correctly deciphered, Fred, Emba and Odolf try their best but each has their own thoughts. When Emba awakes alone the next morning, the prophecy has been put into play and she must make some tough decisions. The easiest choice is to go find Fred, certain of danger but unwilling to waver from this path.

The path of Emba and Odolf is fraught with danger, hunger, anger and uncertainty but they know they cannot give up. This story is so readable and enjoyable, I could not put it down and found myself surprised at several points throughout ensuring the turning of each page.

Knowing a new Emba Oak story is in the works makes me very happy as I am keen to know more about this dragon girl and her abilities.

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