The Treekeepers by Kieran Larwood

Firmly established as a writer of wide known respect and reknown, Kieran Larwood is back with another epic tale of friendship, courage and protecting the natural world.

Liska is a shapeshifter, turning from human to griffyx in a matter of seconds. Her family form a protective barrier around the Undentree, acting as warriors in any battle that comes towards Arborven, their tree city. News of a new threat is worse than ever and Liska believes she knows what can save them all.

The shadow tree, Bitterblight is Undentree’s natural enemy and it will stop at nothing to devour its light, people and the world. Liska, new friend Lug, ghost Elowen and a kittimew (my new favourite animal) set off on a mission of epic proportions. They must face unimaginable dangers such as wyverns, poxpunks and a giant but Liska will learn to trust both her animal and human instincts on their journey.

Her life goal was always to earn stripes proving her worth as a warrior alongside her family but she learns the true value of those stripes and her perspectives change.

This is a delight for the senses…

Kieran’s descriptions of the lands, creatures, battles all allow the reader a clarity of seeing what Liska and others see.

Amongst these descriptions are scents, ones so eloquently described to allow the reader to cringe and plug their nose as if amongst the sleepers, or in the crater of Bitterblight.

One scene that struck me deeply was during Embla’s change to a tree keeper….it was described so wondrously that you could see every knot of bark forming and hear the creaks of magic, feel the power of her spirit.

A complete joy of a novel, An epic tale and I do hope the start of a new series!

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