Books for Back to School

I know I don’t need to call attention to this fact but…school starts again or has already for some. The summer has come to an end and we are all counting down to the first half term…or maybe not just yet!

I love my Picture Book Perfect blogs and my NF roundups so I wanted to combine them this weekend in a bid to introduce you to some fab new books that would be perfect for the classroom.

A Pair of Pears and an Orange by Anna McGregor, Published by Scribble Kids
Maths is Weird with text by Noodle Fuel, Illustrations by Luke Newell, Published by Little Tiger
The Zoo inside Me by Ruth Doyle and Yessica Baeten, Published by Andersen Press
Courage in a Poem, Various Poets and Illustrators, Published by Little Tiger
The Worry Tiger by Alexandra Page and Stef Murphy, Published by Two Hoots

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