The Butterfly Club, The Mummy’s Curse by M.A. Bennett

I loved the first book in this historical series and knowing there were more to come made this an excruciating wait but book 2 is here and is as brilliant as the first, perhaps even surpassing it!

Aidan, Konstantin and Luna are back and ready for their next mission into the future. Having travelled on the ill-fated Titanic and completed their mission successfully, the trio are ready for the next one and hopeful of their success.

They accompany Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to an event hosted by an Egyptologist and see a mummy uncovered. This professor is keen to discover the tomb of Tutankhamen before Carter, and Doyle as well as Aunt Grace, believe the Butterfly Club can play their part.

Reaching into the future, they learn of the discovery and it’s financial backers and must travel to bring the young pharaoh home before Carter. However, with any great story, there are many things to learn and consider. Their mission changes over the course of the months in Egypt’s desert and they are faced with new challenges.

The First World War has ended and Konstantin faces some new hostility towards his Prussian background. Women now have the vote but some still feel stifled, and there are rumours the swastika no longer stands for peace. Every time this trio ventures into the future, they learn new things and face uncertainty.

The characters are so relatable and believable, leaping off the page to tell their tale. I find myself so engrossed in reading that I feel I am living their same adventure.

Having read this book and turning the last page to discover the title of a third has brought a real smile to my face. What a series!

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