Gender Swapped Greek Myths Blog Tour

I absolutely loved Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by the same incredible duo of Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett. My review, as part of that blog tour, is included below.

I think what struck me most about both books is the time, research and careful attention to detail that both authors took in swapping genders and pronouns throughout both books. It all started with an algorithm! Their research was done thoughtfully and is something the reader will truly appreciate as the stories have not changed and so they went back to past stories and original texts to ensure authenticity.

The Greek Myths have certainly stood the test of time through the years, being shared and re-told in various settings and formats but their core remains the same. In the gender swapped versions, the stories themselves have not been altered but the gender of each character has so you have Hadia instead of Hades, Cyclops to Cyclopes and Zeus to Zea.

These books will challenge thinking and allow readers the chance to meet brutal yet brave heroines, slinky male sirens and the dangerous creatures and situations they all find themselves trying to survive.

This hardback, matching volume to Gender Swapped Fairy Tales is colourful and vibrant, filled with the most enchanting and brilliant illustrations. Karrie uses watercolours and inks for these and as you discover each one, you are instantly transported to an alternate world of character, colour and myth. They are superb.

Great for sharing, reading aloud or just enjoying on your own!

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