Fact Finding Friday

I am taking these books into school to share with some non-fiction fans. Each is completely new and different from the rest and will appeal to so many readers.

How many ways can you cook an egg? By Lizzie Mabbott and Charlotte Dumortier, Published by Big Picture Press
Around the World in 80 Festivals by Nancy Dickmann and Lucy Banaji, Published by Welbeck
Human Kindness by John Francis and Josy Bloggs, Published by What on Earth Books
Weather, Camera, Action by Liam Dutton and Giordano Poloni, Published by Templar Books
Big Ideas from History by The School of Life and Anna Doherty
Earth Clock by Tom Jackson and Nic Jones, Published by Welbeck
Gross Factopia by Paige Towler and Andy Smith, Published by Britannica Books

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