Libby and the Highland Heist by Jo Clarke

With epic illustrations by Becka Moor

Jo has done it again with a superb mystery set in Edinburgh and the Scottish highlands. The travelling school is on Christmas break and Connie’s family have kindly invited Libby and her aunt to stay in their large country estate.

Libby and Connie had an eventful and mysterious Christmas, with secret passages being discovered and strange noises heard. Libby seems to have an expert nose for finding mysteries and a knack of discovering clues. There are also missing paintings and a bothy in the woods- they all seem linked and it takes a shove down the stairs for Libby to truly believe something is wrong in the house.

When they learned that the school would be staying on in Edinburgh for the first term instead of NYC, the girls were both disappointed at first. However, being in Edinburgh means they are able to learn a bit more about the happenings over Christmas.

Jo’s writing is clever, circling back to events from all parts of the story and wrapping most things up with a tight bow, though one piece of the puzzle may still be missing. I will leave that for the reader to discover themselves.

I can’t wait for the next adventure and super sleuthing by Libby and Connie- not to mention Noah and Sebastian who played a larger role in the case! How long until book 3?

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