BRRR! Blog Tour

I have the honour of ending the blog tour for this fantastic tale from two of my favourite picture book creators, Kes Gray and Nick East! This book answers the question on the front cover, “Where did the dinosaurs really go?” You might be surprised by the outcome!

As far as read aloud stories go, this should be top of your winter wish list! A brilliant, laugh out loud adventure in knitting! Yes, knitting! I read this aloud and stumbled excellently over the plural names of the dinosaurs, which then sparked a fun game of trying to say them all, which ended with us all laughing!

As the ice age takes hold, the dinosaurs are shivering, turning blue and feeling pretty sorry for themselves. (Even I was shivering by this point). Deciding to try knitting for warmth, it soon becomes obvious that only one species of dino is expertly equipped with perfect knitting arms! Can you guess who?

As you can imagine, it takes a brave soul to even suggest this to the mighty T-Rex and their response is monstrous, until even the mightiest feel chilly!

The entire story is brilliant and filled with imaginative and colourful illustrations. You can’t help but pause to take in the attention to detail and fun on every double page spread! Children were pointing, laughing and loving every Dino filled page!

Scientific enough to please budding palaeontologists but with plenty of humour to please everyone, this would make a brilliant gift for a young reader, along with a knitted jumper for added warmth while reading!

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