The Corny Scaredy-Cat Paranormal Investigation Squad Blog Tour

It’s certainly a mouthful of a title and the story itself is brilliant but what might happen next? Well, author David Wandsworth is here to tell you more! Check out his guest post here and on the other tour stops earlier this week!

What next for the Corny Scaredy-Cat Paranormal Investigation Squad?

Well, I’m an ambitious fellow, and it so happens I’ve planned out nine more stories to form a ten-part series.  And, if you’re asking, possibly another ten-part series after that.  And, if you feel that’s twenty too many, then I apologise.

So if the Squad’s adventures do continue past this first book, what would that look like?  Obviously, I can’t tell you what will happen, but there’s nothing stopping me from telling you what won’t happen: Alastair won’t run away from home, lie that he’s twenty-one and join the circus as a high-wire walker balancing a hedgehog in a nightcap on one end of his pole and a lemon meringue pie on the other, Saoirse won’t become a sudden convert to rationalism, develop a passion for needlework to the exclusion of all other interests and spend hours a day listening to the 1951 novelty record “Mama Will Bark” on repeat until she’s diagnosed as clinically insane, and Billy Boy won’t grow up into a thoughtful, responsible member of society who deeply regrets his juvenile transgressions and seeks to atone for them by devoting his weekends to tending to a community garden with quiet humility in whispered prayer.

Or will they?

Available now, this book is perfect for the chilly and dark Autumn evenings! Published by Everything With Words!

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