Alice Éclair, Spy Extraordinaire, A Spoonful of Spying

Alice is back for another adventure filled assignment, interspersed with her delectable creations with sugar, flour and icing.

In this story, Alice is assigned to the World Fair, landing in Paris with much fanfare and excitement. Vive Comme L’Eclair will be showcasing their finest confectionery alongside other world flavours and creations. It is an honour but Alice will have the double life of confectionaire and spy.

Daedalus is a code word and plan that Claude and Alice are trying to intercept but with so many people visiting the fair, it is hard to know who is a spy, who is sharing information and who is in direct danger. This is where Alice truly shines!

She learns to trust her gut, even when told to ignore what her gut is telling her, but her sense of trust and ability to make the right friends at the right time, lead her on the path of truth.

What I love about these books is the balance and talent of Alice. She is able to create these clever, intricate confectionery delights all while balancing the job of being a spy, a very young one at that. She is clearly smart, determined and brilliant but she is also full of courage and integrity.

A series I look forward to re-reading in the hopes of more to come! Plus the proofs are so pretty, I can’t bear to part with them!

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